10 Horse Designs on Ukrainian Pysanky Eggs

These traditional Ukrainian Easter eggs are decorated using very intricate detailing that carries important symbolic meaning, and horses feature prominently in many of the designs. 

In Ukrainian tradition, pysanky are given to family members and close friends during the Easter season. Women in Ukrainian families paint the eggs during Holy Week and give them away on Easter Sunday. The pysanky Wikipedia page has much more information on who might receive these eggs.

Symbolism features very prominently in pysanky. Fruit, flowers, animals, birds, fish and insects are commonly found on the eggs, each carrying a different meaning. Horses are a very popular motif in pysanky because they symbolize strength and endurance, as well as wealth and prosperity in Ukrainian tradition.

Top image: bestpysanky.com

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Ukrainian easter decorated eggs Horses[chakachu.com]



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