4 Things We Love About Shedding Season

Has spring shedding season got you down in the dumps? Here are four things we love about this very furry time in a horse owner’s life. 

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1. Proves your horse isn’t a wooly mammoth: Shedding season serves as reassurance that there IS, in fact, a horse underneath that thick coat that’s been giving you grief all winter. If not for shedding season, we might always wonder if our equine friends are actually evolving into wooly mammoths.


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2. Gives you an extra layer to wear: All that hair you find stuck to your breeches; on your barn coat; and in your ears, eyes and nose serves as a critical extra layer of protection from the chilly, damp weather that often accompanies spring. Don’t worry about taking an extra layer to the barn. You won’t need it.

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3. Provides materials for your own horse hair rug: “Reduce, reuse, recycle” and do-it-yourself projects are all the rage these days. Think about how popular you’ll be on Pinterest once you post pictures of the horse hair rug you designed and fashioned together using all the winter fur that came off your beast horse.


shedding horses 004[whinnyhollownews.blogspot.com]

4. Allows bonding time with barn friends: Currying your horse’s winter coat away goes much faster if you have a friend to help you tackle the job. Think of spring grooming as a time to catch up with barn friends, as well as spend some quality time with your equine pals.



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