News: ‘Katie Price dresses as a horse to launch latest equestrian range’

That’s the headline from a Huffington Post story about the horse-loving model turned designer/founder of the KP Equestrian riding apparel line.

Price has a reputation for over-the-top product launches, but she might have outdone herself in this season’s launch, which took place today in London.

According to the story, “After bringing an actual horse along to one of her photocalls last year, Katie decided to cut out the middleman and become one herself this time, as you do. Complete with a set of hind legs (which were pink, natch) and a fluffy mane, the artist formerly known as Jordan looked barely recognisable.”


Katie posing with a decked-out pony at a previous photocall. Photo: Nils Jorgensen/Rex Features

If you’re into cute, girly horse gear (don’t try to deny it–we are, too), you might actually love the KP Equestrian product line, whose slogan is “putting glamour into horse riding.” You can check out the website here–here are a few of our favorite offerings:

Navy Stretch Denim Breeches


Horse Pattern Tall Socks


Horse Rug Turnout Combo in Blue with Raspberry Trim


Assorted Show Jumping Sets


Pink-and-silver Hoodie


Silver leather patent Italian riding boots



Can you imagine the look on a judge’s face if you wore those boots into the show ring?

If anyone could pull it off, though, it’d probably be Katie. Check out this video chronicling a day in her fabulous life:


And here she is performing at the 2008 Horse of the Year Show:

[Kira Dolman]

Go Riding.

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