Flex’n Fork ‘Oh Crap’ Moment of the Day

For today’s “Oh Crap” moment, reader Meagan Parker shares a story about a recent foxhunting adventure, AND we’ve got a special GIF surprise!

Meagan writes, “I ride in north Alabama with Mooreland hunt. Nice, flat, galloping country. Though, one of our fixtures has what we call the ‘rollercoaster trail’. It is a lot of up down and around. At the bottom of the down portions, there tend to be ditches with standing or trickling water. I was on a little bay trakehner x mare that is, in general, my super star out hunting. However, she hates these ditches with water and leaps over them like we’re Grand Prix show jumpers. I know this and prepare for it whenever we approach a ditch with water.

This particular ditch has a small tree if you go straight and the path takes a slight left. Surely, this mare is smart enough to follow everyone else to the left. Not today. She leaps me straight out of the saddle, the second her front feet touch on the other side, she recognizes her mistake and ducks to the left to continue up the hill.

It was salvageable, up until she did that. I hit the dirt, under her belly, to get a back foot to the chest. I am happy to say I am uninjured and marched myself up the hill to retrieve my horse and continue to hunt for 4 more hours. My only regret is not getting a picture of my coat. ;]

We had 2 other people fall over a similar ditch that day and 4 people fall in total. What a crazy day!

Just thought I’d share. I’m loving reading horse nation and all the fun oh crap moments!”

Thanks for sharing, Meagan! We love that you just got back on your horse and kept hunting… for four more hours! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Horse Nation has the toughest riders in the land.

Speaking of fox hunting….


Love it!


A big thanks as always to our mucking fabulous sponsor Equi-Tee Mfg.

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