Flex’n Fork ‘Oh Crap’ Moment of the Day

Ed the naughty pony, anyone? No matter how many times you watch it, the combination of Ed’s antics and Ross’s attitude just never gets old

Reader Lauren Morris sent us this reminder of how awesome the video is: “A friend shared this on Facebook. It looks as though Ed is a contender for the ‘Baddest Pony in All the Land’ award. Little Ross has more Oh Crap Moments in these clips than most of us will face over the course of several years! The little guy has an excellent seat and you’ve got to give him props for sticking with his riding goals, regardless of the opinions of his mount. There must be some redeeming quality to Ed… I cannot imagine someone continually subjecting their child to this little brat’s tantrums, if this is the only possible outcome! Anywho, enjoy!”

[mandy travers]

Sooooo good.

So what ever happened to Ed (who, according to Ross’s grandmother, was actually rather GOOD most of the time)? Ross eventually outgrew him and moved on to a larger pony, Pip.

Ed went to a new home, where he was taught a new job: driving! Ross still visits him on occasion and clearly will always have a special place in his heart for his first pony. Check out this video of their 2012 reunion here.

Go Riding!


A big thanks to Equi-Tee Mfg for making this series possible.

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