Thursday Morning Feed from Fleeceworks

Speaking of Horse Nation’s “Give Up Stirrups For Lent” Challenge, does anyone else here LOVE riding bareback?

I love riding bareback, I really do. Given the choice, I would always rather do my flat schools sans saddle. You just feel so much closer to your horse, you can feel what his back is doing underneath you, and it makes you sit straighter and in optimum balance.


Here I am refereeing a “bareback on a buck” class at a local fun show. Can you see the utter joy on my face?

There are only two inconveniences: 1. Sweat, and 2. withers.

I was perusing Fleeceworks’ website and noticed that one of their products, listed under “Accessories,” is this bareback pad. Made from the same soft, plush, luxurious sheepskin as their saddle pads, there’s no doubt in my mind that riding on one of the pads is like riding on a cloud.

So dreamy!!!

If you’re serious about bareback riding, consider investing in one of the pads. Your undercarriage will thank you.

Go riding.


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