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This week’s Fleeceworks Team Talk features Fleeceworks sponsored endurance rider Beverly Grey. Check it out!

Over the span of more than 20 years of participating in the sport of endurance, Beverly has accumulated over 15,000 racing miles (to put that distance in context, the length of the United States is about 3,300 miles). She has represented the United States in international competition, and one of her horses, AA Omner, even has a Breyer Horse model in its likeness.

Her latest achievement is winning the National Best Conditioned Award with her horse Jolly Sickle, which whom she has won nine first places and 11 Best Condition awards over the span of 14 races.

Fleeceworks asked Beverly, “What tack do you recommend?”

Beverly’s response:

“I’ve been riding in the Arabian Saddle Company Solstice Endurance model years. It is an exceptional well made saddle that is comfortable and balanced for myself and my horses. I also like the Fleeceworks Endurance pad (shown in this album) with the wool felt inserts. for comfort, shock absorbing features and easy care.


Fleeceworks carries a full range of saddle pads for distance, endurance, trail and gaited horses. Harnessing both tradition and technology, the pads represent what riders expect from Fleeceworks: 100-percent Merino wool sheepskin is the foundation of all the pads. The cotton-poly blend quilting in breathable yet durable. Removable visco elastic foam inserts provide the ultimate in support for the horse’s back. All the pads have the ability to use  either the memory foam shims or the new wool shims. Each design is anatomically correct following the natural curve of the horse’s topline. Fleeceworks pads represent a new benchmark for both the serious competitor and the pleasure rider.

Thanks Beverly, and we wish you continued success!!

Check out the full line of pads and accessories on the Fleeceworks website.

Go Fleeceworks, and Go Riding!

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