The Stable Scoop: 5th annual ‘Horse Husbands’ episode

In which a panel of horse husbands and boyfriends get together and vent about their horse-addicted significant others. This year, my own husband got dragged into the mix.

On the surface, Tommy and I seem pretty compatible.


Riding horses on the beach in the Dominican Republic on our honeymoon last year. It was even his idea! #winning

But now that we’re a few months into our marriage, what does Tommy REALLY think about my “pony problem”?


Host Glenn the Geek gets to the bottom of it in The Stable Scoop’s annual “Horse Husbands” spectacular, along with special guests Rick Bergeron, husband of Michelle from Right Lead Equestrian Center; Dr. Kyle Swanson, boyfriend of Dr. Wendy Ying of the Driving Radio Show and Five Elements for Animals; and, of course, my own personal groom cherished partner for life Tommy Bateman.

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Go listen, and Go Riding!

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