Wednesday Morning Feed from World Equestrian Brands

What’s “The View” between your horse’s ears? Our advertising director Molly Gasiewicz has been showcasing views from around the world as part of this cool series for EN. Here’s the latest batch.


From Maureen Williams:

A lovely 2 1/2 hour hack on the beaches of the Barbados near Holetown, St. James Parrish, just last week.  I had a “most excellent adventure” on my lovely chestnut OTTB.  This was certainly an experience for the bucket list!



From Jessa Hills:

Out for a cruise around Galway Downs, Temecula, Ca on Da Luna. Gearing up for the first HT of the year!



Recently, Area 7 Adult Riders Paul Swart, Elizabeth Lawrence, Julie Cayer and family / friends returned from a horse safari in Botswana’s Okavango Delta with Okavango Horse Safaris. Paul is the owner of Natural Migrations, a horse and photographic safari outfitter based in Bend, Oregon and he highly recommends partaking in a horse safari in Africa when the annual eventing season comes to an end.

Dr. David Paton, a well-known veterinarian from British Columbia also recently went on one of Paul’s horse safaris and came into close contact with a herd of elephants while riding – as the picture illustrates – riding and taking photos of animals at the same time can be quite challenging but Paul guarantees there are no judges and no faults – just a lot of fun and exhilarating riding alongside the animals of Africa!



From Ailsa:

This is me (Ailsa Beggs) on my horse, Sadie, on a snowy winter day in North Idaho.

Go eventing.



From Jackie:

We hosted a hunter pace at our farm and by the time I got around to riding it was getting a little late.  This is what greeted me as I came to the bottom of a hill … a beautiful full moon rising over the pond.  A great way to end a busy day ;) .



While on vacation in Chile, Michael and Nathalie Pollard seemed incapable of staying out of the saddle, and we are much appreciative at EN as they sent us this beautiful view!



If you happen to be out for a hack, are riding in some obscure place, or just take some cool photos aboard your mount, send them to [email protected] including a quick blurb about this photo’s story and write “The View” as the title.

Go World Equestrian Brands, and Go Riding!

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