Thursday Morning Feed from Fleeceworks

Are you tired of hearing Horse Nation go on and on about how much we love Fleeceworks? This week, we thought we’d turn the microphone over to the people.

Here are a few comments we found on Fleeceworks Facebook page (which you must “like” if you haven’t already, because it’s a lot of fun):

Fleeceworks is an incredible pad. Well made, balanced and designed to benefit rugged endurance rides for hours and hours in the saddle” – Beverly Long

“I luvvvvv fleecework–their saddle pads work amazing!!!!” – Jackie Lamastus

“LOVE my perfect balance pad!!” – Maren Bagell Thompson

“Have been using the pads for endurance for the last two years and have happy backs on both my horses! I LOVE these pads! Thanks Judy and Fleeceworks!” – Lynn M. Rigney

“My horse LOVES this pad!!” – Janice Ellk-Kurtz

“I love Fleeceworks saddle pads because I know that when I put on the Fleeceworks pad the unique design is promoting health to my horses back, allowing it to breathe and build muscle!!! Thank you Fleeceworks for developing a one of a kind saddle pad!!!!! My horses thank you too!!” – Tamie Smith

“I have only used and will only use Fleeceworks pads. I had an older, high withered horse that was able to continue riding comfortably into his senior years only because of his Fleeceworks Half Pad w/ Inserts. My trainer used to tell me ‘you can skimp on a lot of things… but not on the pad! Get Fleeceworks ONLY!’ – I did and have never been happier. Also an amazing company that is other minded, compassionate and generous. Thanks Fleeceworks!!” – Julie Seaholts Hernandez

“We love, love, love our Fleeceworks saddle pads.They are the best pads.” – Tina Brown


Go fall in love with Fleeceworks yourself today!


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