Flex’n Fork ‘Oh Crap’ Moment of the Day

It’s a failsauce double-header! Today we’re featuring not one but two “Oh Crap” moments, both submitted by Horse Nation readers.

The first is from Katherine Butler, who writes, “This is my student, Elisabeth, jumping her horse bareback. She is really a great rider, with lovely equitation, but a bad spot caught both horse and rider off guard. The next time around was picture perfect, but that jump sure had us all saying ‘Oh crap!'”


Is that a smile on Elisabeth’s face? We love it!

Our second moment comes courtesy of reader Hannah Reinke, who explains, “This is a video of me and my horse Duchess (i.e. High Cotton) at the Midsouth USPC eventing rally in 2001. We were competing at Novice level and I was only 12! We misjudged on where to take off and ended in an epic equine somersault. (Apparently, somersaults are not supposed to be a part of show jumping… Who knew?!)  We both escaped with minor injuries and despite this mishap our team (shout out to PEYTONA PONY CLUB) won first place!!”

Holy crap, Hannah! That was one amazing tumble. We’re glad everybody was OK, and you even walked away with a blue ribbon. Nice!

Horse Nation has the toughest riders in the land. Elisabeth and Hannah, we salute you!


A big thanks as always to our mucking fabulous sponsor Equi-Tee Mfg.

Do you have an “Oh Crap” moment you’d like to share with hundreds of Horse Nation readers? (We’ll laughing with you, not AT you–promise!) Email your photo or video link to [email protected] and be sure to include a brief description of what happened!

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