Thursday Morning Feed from World Equestrian Brands

Congratulations to World Equestrian Brands’ Equilibrium products, which received two 2013 British Equestrian Trade Association awards!

Per their announcement on Facebook:


Congrats, Equilibrium–can’t say we’re surprised!

Equilibrium offers a full line of products designed to keep your horse healthy and happy, including but certainly not limited to their BETA award-winning Tri-Zone Airlite Boots.

Here’s why these boots are on the cutting edge of design:

  • Tri-Zone Airlite Tendon Boot incorporates a substantial tendon protection system. Not only are there 2 shock absorbing layers of EVA to reduce the risk of concussion injuries, the vulnerable tendon area is also protected by a tough polycarbonate layer which can withstand penetration.
  • Very light and breathable
  • Fully tested in the laboratory and field trials
  • Incorporates the new Airlite triple layer system
  • Polycarbonate inner strip protects the vunerable tendons
  • Good protection from both concussion and penetration injuries
  • Impact resistant EVA outer shell and lining
  • Fine mesh prevents grit and debris getting inside boot
  • Easy to fit and maintain


Learn more about Equilibrium and other World Equestrian Brands products on their website,

Go World Equestrian Brands, and Go Riding!

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