Wednesday Morning Feed from Fleeceworks

What kind of riding would you like to try for a day, if you could do anything? Fleeceworks asked; you answered.

Here’s what Fleeceworks’ Faceboook fans had to say, broken down by number:

Budweiser Wagon Driver 1
Barrel Racing 4
Chuck Wagon Racing 1
Dressage 1
Dressage Grand Prix !
Driving 1
Endurance 7
Eventing 2
Eventing 4* 1
Eventing Long Format 1
Eventing at the WEG 1
Fox Hunting 19
Foxhunting Ireland 3
Foxhunting England 1
Foxhunting without the fox 1
Hunter Derby 3
Hunter in Ocala 1
Jousting 1
Knight Training 1
Movie Extra 1
Mounted Shooting 1
Polo 13
Polo Cross 1
Racing 7
Racing catch Riding 2
Reining 14
Ride and Tie 1
Ride at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna 1
Ride on the beach in Ireland In the company of a retired Irish Jockey 1
Roping 1
Show Jumping 3
Show Jumping Grand Prix 8
Steeplechase 11
Sidesaddle 5
Sidesaddle Fox Hunting 1
Trail Riding 1
Team Penning 2
Vaulting 1
Western Pleasure 1
Working Cow Horse 5


From all those who participated in the survey, Fleeceworks randomly chose two winners to be awarded a brand new Therawool™ Field Hunter Pad with Perfect Balance Technology!!


Fleeceworks’ Therawool™ Field Hunter is equal parts durable, breathable, washable, protective and plush. Its Perfect Balance Technology features three optional insets to create a custom saddle fit.

Congratulations to the winners, Lorraine Klepacs and Amanda Corchoran. And to everyone else, remember: It’s never too late to pursue your dreams!

Learn more about Fleeceworks’ full product line here.

Go Fleeceworks, and Go Riding!


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