Trending: ‘Harlem Shake,’ equestrian-style

Remember “Gangnam Style”? (Of course you do–it is stuck in your head FOREVER.) Well, “Harlem Shake” is the newest viral dance sensation.

Everybody’s doing it, and subsequently posting their videos to YouTube at a rate of several thousand new “Harlem Shake” versions a day. And by “everybody’s doing it,” we mean horse people, too.

Helene Gallagher gave us the head’s up about this version by the Ethel Walker Equestrian Team in Connecticut:

[Allegra Davis]

Texas A&M’s equestrian team gets in on the action here:

[Kori Pickett]

This one has a random horse in it… until the horse gets scared and runs away.

[Miguel Mota]

Another freaked-out horse.


This horse seems less terrified, more confused.


A life-sized plastic horse seems like a much better idea.


Better yet, a horse mask.



Or a bunch or horse masks.

[SB Nation]

Or no horses at all… just horse girls.


Go do the Harlem Shake.

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