The Secret Life of McKenna: Down but not out

Still on the sidelines after a riding accident in the December, junior blogger McKenna Oxenden updates us on her horse and his substitute rider.

From McKenna:

Gigi is officially back into work! No, silly Horse Nation, I’m still not able to ride:( Buuuuttttt I do know of someone pretty fabulous that is awesome. Courtney!

Yep, that’s right Gigi is enrolled in Defying Gravity Eventing‘s boot camp! Not only am I excited that she is finally able to be in consistent work again but she will hopefully be even more awesome than she was before!

For those of you who don’t know, Courtney Sendak is awesome. Not only does she run a PONY around advanced AND sport around in bright pink (while still looking classy!) but she is absolutely hilarious. Courtney is an awesome teacher and gives some of the best lessons I’ve had in my life, I am really really excited to have her as a coach for the upcoming event season!

Gigi is at An Otherwise Perfect Farm, which is a fitting name because it’s pretty perfect!! I am super pumped to go hang out at AOPF with Court tomorrow, and watching being able to watch her ride Gigi and all the babies!!

I’m so ready to get back into the saddle and to get to some events. The event season is in the air, and I am sooo ready for it! Bring it on!!

Until next time, I’ll be working on staying in one piece, not falling down, and thinking of new ways to make you laugh. Go eventing, go Gigi, go Courtney, and go Horse Nation.



About the Author

McKenna Oxenden is a 16-year-old junior in high school, hailing from Columbia, MD. McKenna is a training level event rider and is currently campaigning the 15.1 Trakhener Cross, “Gossip Girl” a.k.a. Gigi and previously competed 13.2 pony superstar, Dorito Cooler Ranch, through training level. She has worked for CCI4* event rider, Emily Beshear and currently trains with Courtney Sendak of Defying Gravity Eventing. She is also an active ambassador to JustWorld International. When McKenna isn’t busy writing or riding, she is taking photographs and playing in Photoshop. You can see some of her work by liking her Facebook page (Mckenna Erinn Photography).


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