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Money can’t buy love, but it can buy stuff from SmartPak. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d drop my husband a subtle hint.

Dearest sweet wonderful handsome husband,

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Every day I thank my lucky stars to have married such a supportive guy, who doesn’t seem to care that his wife may or may not be having an affair with her horse. Long weekends at the trainer’s, maxed out credit cards, the smell of “honey, I’m home… from the barn”–that stuff would probably run other men off. But not you, honeybritches. You are the Totilas of my heart. (He’s like this amazing dressage horse that wins everything.)


Baby, you know I’m not much for the standard Valentine’s Day chocolate/flowers/Hallmark card routine, but here are a few acceptable substitutes.

Imagine me prancing around the house in these bum-hugging riding pants, maybe doing the dishes, or vacuuming, or fetching you an ice-cold beer while you watch basketball (*emphasis on “imagine”*). They feature everything I love about the Bradley Full Seat Breeches in a stylish jeans style.

  • Figure flattering 66% Cotton, 26% Nylon, 8% Lycra woven blend
  • Soft, comfortable moisture-wicking fabric in sock-fit
  • calf gives the perfect fit without itchy velcro
  • Added details include floral pattern inside the waistband, jeans style back pockets with floral embroidery design, contrast stitching and hanging SmartPak horse medallion for the most stylish look in the saddle
  • Synthetic full seat provides excellent grip
  • SmartPak’s Price: $114.95 ($109.20 with member discount)


Fleck Leather Grip Bat

Imagine all the fun we could have with this cute crop (*emphasis, again, on “imagine”*). I’ve been a very, very naughty girl. (No, seriously, I have. Event entries + annual USEA/USEF membership renewals + lessons + the farrier + etc. etc. etc. = you don’t even want to know.)

FLECK bats and crops are individual one-off items. First-class raw materials, perfection in manufacture, and an eye for form and colours to satisfy the demands of any rider. Woven nylon cover, leather wrapped grip, nickle mushroom cap. Brown with tan. SmartPak’s Price: $36.95


Amigo Jersey Cooler

When you hear the phrase “roll in the hay,” what comes to mind? Oh, sweetheart, you’re one dirty bird. What comes to mind when I think of “roll in the hay” is what my horse does when I put him in the stall after a bath–all that hard work, all for naught. This cooler would be amazing for those occasions–and it comes it pink! How totally romantic.

Soft Jersey Cooler wicks moisture away from your horse while cooling him out after exercise or a bath. Includes a hidden belly surcingle to keep cooler in place. Brushed Polyester. SmartPak’s Price: $60.95


SmartPak Gift Certificate

Nothing says “I love you and I just want you to be happy” like a SmartPak Gift Certificate. Have you ever heard that song, “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off”? Well, I heard that SmartPak Gifts Certificates have the same effect.

E-mail gift certificates arrive same day and contain a custom message. Order a Gift Card in a custom SmartPak Gift Box! It can be shipped to you to fill in the details and give to the recipient, or it can be shipped directly to the recipient.


Your loving wife


Go SmartPak, and Go Riding!


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