Video du Jour: Pedro Torres

Rapid-fire flying changes, blindingly fast transitions between collection and extension, a horse-rider connection that seems to border on psychic…  welcome to the world of working equitation.

Today's video comes to us from reader Megan Rust, who writes:

“My dressage instructor–who also has Lusitanos–sent me this video of a Lusitano doing working equitation. If you don't know what that is, it is a competition ridden in Spain and Portugal and probably in Brazil. It's like a combination of trail class, pole bending and barrel racing, and can be amazingly fast. This video is of Pedro Torres, the winningest working equitation rider in the world, on a Lusitano stallion. It is SO cool: the horse is so agile and on the aids like he's mentally glued to his rider. I bet the Horse Nation members would like to see it, I sure liked it. Granted, I have a Lusitano, but any horsewoman can see the talent and dedication in this team.”


Thanks for sharing, Megan!

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