Thursday Morning Feed from Fleeceworks + Contest Announcement!

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First, let's meet Helen Dellacroce, an adult amateur Fleeceworks fan.

Helen and “Smoke” have hunted and shown in dressage and hunters–all in Fleeceworks pads, and all sidesaddle!

“The pads are big enough for my sidesaddle and the ability to add lifts keep the saddle fitting Smoke throughout the year as his back gains and loses muscle,” Helen says.


Helen & Smoke

Helen started riding sidesaddle about three years ago when she learned there was a sidesaddle instructor in Aiken, SC, where she lives and works at Oak Manor Saddlery.

“My mother had always wanted me to ride sidesaddle so I thought it might be fun to take a couple of lessons. It is a lot of fun and not hard at all,” she says.

She purchased Smoke at 3-years-old as a resale project but ended up falling in love. They started eventing and competed successfully in both the United States and Canada. She then discovered fox hunting and is currently whip-in for Why Worry Hounds.

“When I ride astride I use the Therawool™ Field Hunter pad as well–LOVE IT,” Helen says. “Also, once a year the local polo club hosts a polo match for us fox hunters and Smoke gets to pretend he is a polo pony. On those occasions, I use my Fleeceworks Perfect Balance Half Pad.”

Thank you Helen for sharing with us! Your adventurousness in the saddle is inspiring. We wish you good luck in all your competitions and endeavors!

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at a different horse sport? Fleeceworks wants to hear about it!

Write on the Fleeceworks Facebook wall what type of riding you'd like to do for one day if you had the chance–steeplechasing, reining, polo… whatever you want! Fleeceworks will collect the names of everyone who participates and put them in a random drawing to award two individuals with a brand-new Therawool™ Field Hunter Pad with Perfect Balance Technology. The contest will be open for one week with winners to be announced on Feb. 15.

Good luck!  


Fleeceworks’ Therawool™ Field Hunter is equal parts durable, breathable, washable, protective and plush. Its Perfect Balance Technology features three optional insets to create a custom saddle fit.

Learn more about Fleeceworks' full product line here.

Go Fleeceworks, and Go Riding!


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