Do You Want To Help This Adorable Foal?

Of course you do. Author M. Garzon tells the story of Rudy, a chestnut foal who braved a less-than-welcoming entrance into this world, and shares one way that we can help the little guy out.

From M. Garzon:

They say Helen of Troy’s face launched a thousand ships.  I’m hoping this one will launch a thousand books.

A few months ago I ‘liked’ Heart of a Horse’s page on Facebook.  I did it because of the gorgeous photographs of horses they post every day; as an equestrian author I draw inspiration from the pictures, and sometimes the stories behind them too.

In January I opened Facebook to find this adorable chestnut face.


Something about it just made my heart melt—you know how it is.  All babies are cute, but once in a while one of them really touches something within you.  I read Rudy’s story and discovered that he was born on Christmas day (hence the name, after Rudolph the reindeer).  The breeder planned to euthanize him immediately, but the vet fortunately refused to do it.  Instead, he called Heart of a Horse Rescue, who arranged to take Rudy and provide for him until a permanent home can be found for him.  As part of their agreement with the breeder, Heart of a Horse is not permitted to disclose why the foal was going to be euthanized, but he is apparently healthy (and cute!!!  Did I mention he’s cute?).

In order to help provide for Rudy’s care, until the end of February I am donating $0.50 from the sale of either of my books (Blaze of Glory or Look Twice), in any format, to Heart of a Horse Rescue.  So go ahead—reading is good for you, and helping foals is good for your karma 😉

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Learn more about Heart of a Horse at their website here.


About the Author

M. Garzon is a lifelong lover of all things equine, who currently rides vicariously through her writing and her kids’ lessons.



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