News: Bud's latest Clydesdale star named 'Hope' by fans

That's the headline of an NPR story aired today that followed up on Budweiser's name-this-foal Super Bowl contest.


After running the above message at the end of its 2013 Budweiser Clydesdale Super Bowl commercial, “Brotherhood,” the company was bombarded with 60,000 tweets, Facebook comments, calls to the company and direct messages.

The foal, born Jan. 16, 2013, will be called “Hope.” According to a company press release the name “is a nod to the optimism and happy ending of the commercial where a trainer reunites with the horse he raised from a foal.”

Other popular names submitted included Landslide (after the Fleetwood Mac song in the commercial), Buddy, Star, Raven, Spirit and Stevie.

The name Stan, a nod to former St. Louis Cardinals great Stan Musial who passed away Jan. 14, was so popular, Budweiser bestowed the name on another newborn foal.


The commercial was ranked No. 1 on USA Today's Ad Meter, which rated the popularity of various Super Bowl commercials. It was seen by 108 million people during the broadcast and by millions more online.

If you loved the original commercial, check out the extended version:


Read the full NPR story here.

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Go Clydesdales!



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