News: Cookie Monster's 'golden biscuit' found hanging from horse

That's the headline from a story published today in The Telegraph involving a thieving Sesame Street character, a ransom note, and an equine statue.

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Apparently, a 44-pound bronze biscuit emblem was stolen from the front office of Germany's Bahlsen biscuit company last week. (Keep in mind that “biscuit” is across-the-pond verbage for “cookie.”)

Here's a picture of the emblem hanging in its original glory. Source:


The biscuit company offered up a €1,000 reward for information leading to the recovery of the emblem but soon received a ransom letter from an extortionist dressed as Sesame Street's Cookie Monster. The sender demanded that biscuits be delivered to children at a city hospital in exchange for the emblem's safe return.

Here's a picture of the ransom note so you can see that we're actually not making all this up. Source:


The company ultimately gave in to the extortionist's demands, agreeing to donate 52,000 packets of biscuits to charities including the hospital. Subsequently the emblem was returned.

From The Telegraph, “German crime scene detectives in masks and rubber gloves, and aided by a fire brigade ladder, removed the 20 kilogram, biscuit-shaped ornament from a statue of a rearing horse outside Hanover's Leibniz University.”

A happy ending for all. Source:


Bahlsen has denied it was a publicity stunt.

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