News: ‘Horse’s giant soccer ball stolen’

“What is this world coming to when people will steal horse toys?” That’s what one angry California horse owner wants to know, according to The Press-Enterprise.

Denise Bowman is the owner of Copper, whose 40-inch soccer ball was recently stolen from Copper’s corral.

It wasn’t cheap, Bowman says of the ball she and Copper use to prepare for obstacle course competitions.

To add insult to injury, the thieves returned a day or two later and stole Copper’s remaining toy, the Horse Buddy Bopper.

Says the story, “Bowman believes her horse felt grief over the thefts of the equestrian toys, too. ‘So now my poor horse is bored with no toys,’ she wrote.”

Likely the work of some mischievous neighborhood kids, Bowman hopes the toys will be returned soon.

Read the full story here.

This video of a miniature horse colt playing with a giant soccer ball can’t bring you your soccer ball back, Copper, but it will surely bring the world some good cheer.


One more, please!

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