A Big Horse Nation Welcome to Point Two!

Notice something different about the Horse Nation homepage? We’re a big fan of Point Two air vests–here are a few reasons why.

Point Two has revolutionized safety in the equestrian world.

When a rider is unseated or thrown from a horse, the Point Two air vest inflates within one tenth of a second to absorb shock, distribute pressure and support a rider’s spinal column. It also protects the collar of the neck, ribs, coccyx and vital organs within the body.

Check out this video to see how Point Two utilizes the latest airbag technology:

Point Two air vests are for everyone.

From children on ponies and leisure riders to top-level event riders, Point Two air vests have been worn — and are loved — by equestrians from every discipline since the company’s launch in 2009.

Testimonials from Point Two’s website range from Olympians…


…to everyday riders looking for extra insurance against injury.


Point Two air vests are available in a wide range of sizes, colors and styles.

Choose from the original ProAir vest for children or adults or the revolutionary P2-RS — the world’s first integrated combination of a BETA Level 3 body protector and air vest approved for competition.


There’s also the new Hunter, which works like a ProAir but with an emphasis on the styling for the discerning rider.


Learn more about Point Two here.

Go Point Two, and Go Riding!


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