News: ‘More than 30 firefighters rescue pony in well’

That’s the headline from a story published today in The Telegraph about an English pony named Nova who found himself in a “tight spot.”

Nova’s owners, who grew concerned after initially being unable to find the pony, finally discovered her in an 8-foot-well in her pasture.

More than 30 firefighters including a specialist rescue team finally managed to winch the uninjured Nova to safety.

According to the story, “Nova was ‘calm and quiet’ throughout the ordeal, quiet despite being covered up to her neck in cold water, said Mrs Hilliar de Alvaro (Nova’s owner), adding: ‘Nova is a very sweet and unflappable little pony.'”

Read the full story here.

Nova, pictured here being ridden by her owner’s 6-year-old son


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