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Throughout 2013, our friends at Kentucky Performance Products will be running several “Horse of the Month” contests aimed at recognizing special horses in various disciplines. For January KPP is honoring the event horse.

If you think your horse deserves to be KPP’s Eventing Horse of the Month, submit your nomination today!

The winner will be chosen by KPP staff and will receive a KPP saddle pad, a halter with custom name plate, and a bucket of KPP goodies.

Please click here to nominate your horse. Entries will be accepted through Jan. 31, 2013, at 11:59 p.m. EST.

The entries are rolling in–check out this one from Sarah Choate.


What I like about my horse:

What I love about my mare, Cherry, is that I will fully admit she is not the perfect horse. No where near perfect. But that is why I am the rider I am today. Because we are both still constantly learning, and because she isn’t a seasoned eventer showing me the ropes, we are always making mistakes. Through those mistakes though we have made huge strides in our riding. Although we aren’t winning at our Horse Trials, we always finish or place well. I’m a perfectionist and would ideally always love to have a flawless ride in each phase, but that never happens. I will have a good ride or a great show jump round, but we never have a perfect horse trial. Cherry has helped me become a more precise and correct rider, because if I don’t get her to just the right spot to that galloping table out on cross country we will have a stop. She is helping me to become a rider who gallops down to a fence on cross country or who is coming up to a triple combination in Show jumping and say, how can I most effectively ride this approach to give my horse and I the best jump we can have. She has also shown me that winning isn’t everything. Sometimes just finishing a horse trial was an accomplishment all on its own. I’m proud to say that we finished our first Training Level Three Day Event at Hagyard Midsouth Three Day Event at the Kentucky Horse Park. We did not have perfect rounds but we had a solid dressage, Cherry impressed me by handling all of the Prelim level questions on course with ease (with a little convincing the water wasn’t going to eat her), and a pleasant show jump round where afterwards we were awarded with Best Presented pair of the T3D. I have had Cherry for 8 years now and what she has taught me will stay with me forever. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner and friend to go along with me for my adventures in the eventing world. My Cherry Berry isn’t perfect, but she is perfect for me. Happy Eventing!!!!

Thanks, Sarah!

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Go Kentucky Performance Products, and Go Riding!


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