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Have we got any foxhunters in the house? I’m betting yes, and I’m betting they’d agree with me that when it comes to hunt gear, Fleeceworks is totally MVP.

Long hours in the field can mean sore backs for horses and sore bums for riders.


Image: Wikimedia Commons

Luckily, Fleeceworks has a remedy for both.

For the horse, Fleeceworks’ Therawool™ Field Hunter is designed with the foxhunter in mind. The pad features a reinforced front which ensures it stays in place during the long hours in the hunt field–no more stopping to adjust saddle pads. The Perfect Balance Technology with three optional insets allows riders to adjust saddle fit if the horse changes within the ongoing season.


For the rider, Fleeceworks’ English Seat Saver will keep your backside comfortable on even the longest rides. Pure Merino Sheepskin provides a plush cushion while allowing the rider to maintain close contact.


Check out the full line of pads and accessories on the Fleeceworks website.

Go Fleeceworks, and Go Hunting!

BONUS! This week Fleeceworks Team Talk Tip of the Week is from Team Fleeceworks Rider Nicholia Clarke.

“Remember that horses learn from the release of pressure. Try to think more like a horse when training, and reward with the release of pressure. The more you can reward in a manner which makes sense to the horse, the easier the training process will become.”

Thanks Nicki!

Nicholia is shown here on Ramsey in the Fleeceworks Perfect Balance Dressage Pad. She is fresh off her win in the Dressagegetaway Thermal Grand Prix.

NIcki Thermal JAn 2013

Nicholia riding in the Thermal Grand Prix. Photo by Terri Miller.

This state-of-the-art dressage pad is available in sheepskin or Therawool. The pads have the Perfect Balance Technology incorporated into the design, giving riders the ability to use any of the Fleeceworks shims to ensure a perfect saddle fit as their horses’ muscling may change through the season. Features include internal pockets which hold removable inserts for discrete saddle corrections, plus three optional shims to help with a variety of saddle problems. The pad’s anatomically correct top line will avoid any pressure over the withers. Check it out here.


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