News: Two-fer Tuesday!

How’s this for a double-header: “Man who rode horse into church seeks forgiveness” (Liberty, KY) PLUS “Getaway donkey foils robbery attempt” (Columbia). People… you just never know what they’re going to do next.

“Man who rode horse into church seeks forgiveness”

That’s the headline of a story on about Harold Goode, a Kentucky man who in 2010 rode into a church mid-sermon, drunk and armed with a gun. This weekend, he reentered the church to ask forgiveness.

According to the story, “On Sunday, Goode told church members that he had asked the Lord for forgiveness, and he pleaded for theirs as well. The pastor said church members accepted Goode’s apology, and he thinks Goode might join the congregation.”

Read the full story here.



“Getaway donkey foils robbery attempt”

That’s the headline from a story published on The Inquisitr about a gang of Colombian criminals whose attempt to rob a grocery store was thwarted by their getaway vehicle, a 10-year-old donkey named Xavi they’d stolen some 12 hours before.

The criminals had loaded the donkey up with rum, oil, rice, cans of tuna and sardines and were preparing to make their escape when, according to the story, “The animal allegedly let out a series of noisy brays, which alerted nearby police. The robbers ran from the officers, but had to ditch the donkey loaded with the stolen goods.”

Read the full story here.


Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Go Riding.

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