Flex’n Fork™ ‘Oh Crap’ Moment of the Day

This feature is usually comical in nature (at least in hindsight!) Today’s “Oh Crap” moment, however, could have turned into an “Oh $h!t” moment if not for this harness racer’s quick thinking.

Honestly, the first time I watched this video, which our friends at Horses in the Morning posted on their Facebook page yesterday, I was horrified. The driver, Zac Butcher, is literally getting dragged down the track, and the horse’s panic is palpable. Upon reflection, however, I realized just how heroic the driver’s actions truly were. If that horse had gotten loose and taken off, he would have almost certainly been injured or worse, and what if he’d crossed wheels with another sulky? It makes me shudder to think about what might have been!

The incident took place at Morrinsville Trots (NZ) on January 15, 2011. The horse is Delma’s McArdle.


What a show of great horsemanship! Zac Butcher, Horse Nation salutes you.


A big thanks to our mucking fabulous sponsor Equi-Tee Mfg. for making this series possible!

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From Equi-Tee’s Facebook Page yesterday morning:


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