News: ‘Homeless pigeon won’t leave horse barn’

Slow news day much? That’s the headline from a USA Today story about a bird-on-the-run that is wreaking havoc on a stable in Dayton, Maine.

OK, so it’s not really wreaking havoc. It’s just kind of hanging out.

This is a picture of the bird.


But the staff, volunteers and clients of LaDawn Therapeutic Riding Center are concerned. They suspect that the bird, whose nicknames include “Snowball,” “Marshmallow” and “Tex,” has escaped from someone’s home. They have put him outside several times, but he keeps coming back.

“I didn’t ask this bird to come here, it came to find us, so we need to help it out,” says Elaine Lariviere, who is identified on the video as a bird lover who enjoys knitting. “We know that it is friendly. We know that is doesn’t bite you or anything.”

This is a picture of Elaine’s knitting group.


Larieviere’s daughter, Donna, is an occupational therapist at the Riding Center. She worries that the pigeon’s poop might be a problem. “This is a good home, but it is not a pigeon home,” Donna explains.

This is Donna’s impression of what one horse did when the pigeon landed on its back.


But mother Elaine argues that poop shouldn’t be an issue. “Of course the people don’t like the deposits it leaves behind, but you know what–so what? We pick up after the horses, we pick up after the bird. Big deal.”

You really have to watch the video.


What’s next for Snowball, or Marshmallow, or Tex?

According to the story, “They invite anyone who is missing a large, white homing pigeon to contact them at 207-499-0080 or you can email Donna Lariviere, but be forewarned, they plan to ask anyone who comes forward to claim the bird questions to make sure the bird is theirs, and the home it will be heading to is a safe one.”

LaDawn Therapeutic Riding Center, Horse Nation salutes you. If we had awards to give to horsepeople with giant hearts, we would give them all to you.

Read the full story here.

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