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Have we mentioned lately that our junior blogger McKenna Oxenden is a celebrity? She’s like Miley Cyrus back before Miley got that terrible haircut. Anyway, she was on Horses in the Morning today–you’ve gotta listen.

Omg, Miley, nooooo!!!!! I don’t think we can be friends anymore.


Anyway, back to McKenna. Her world domination tour continued today with an interview on Horses in the Morning about her HN blog post yesterday, “The Secret Life of McKenna: Kinisio Tape… for horses?” The story was inspired by her own recent experience of using Kinesio Tape, which you might recognize from seeing it on athletes during last year’s Olympic Games.
Kinesio Tape at work during the Olympic Games. Link (Photo credit: Alexander Hassenstein)

As it turns out, the tape has been discovered by the equestrian world and is now being used on equine athletes as well. On the show, McKenna talks about the tape and its horsey potential.



McKenna’s segment begins at -58.54, but you really ought to listen to the entire show. From the HITM website, “Today’s show wears the Freestyle Friday banner loud and proud as Glenn & Jamie tread heavily upon the organizers of a certain four star event held annually in the Bluegrass State, offer alternative interpretations of common equine inspired phrases and then launch into a Really Bad Ads segment completely devoid of decorum.”

Go Listen, and Go Riding!

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