Flex’n Fork™ ‘Oh Crap’ Moment of the Day

More dressage badness! Today’s “Oh Crap” moment is brought to you by reader Mackenzie Page and her delightfully naughty pony Kody.

We’ve actually featured Kody on Horse Nation before, as he’s the star of one of my all-time favorite YouTube videos of all time. Let’s watch it one more time just for kicks:

I like Kody. I connect with Kody. I think it’s because he is the equine embodiment of my own self.

This is a poem I wrote for a Pony Club writing contest when I was 13. It is entitled, “Dressage Blows.”

DRESSAGE BLOWS, by Leslie Wylie

I entered at “A”
determined, per say
to perfect my shoulder-in
but my horse, he pranced
and my mind, it danced
but the fences held us in.

Such a beautiful day
I could gallop away
such a longing to be free.
My instructor would scold
To practice, I was told
though incessant it may be.

My canter at “C”
was extended by “E”
my patience could not wait.
On a day so fine
I haven’t the time
We simply jumped the gate!

We jumped anything we came to
like the wind, together we flew
so happy I could sing.
No worries about collection
I’m not looking for perfection
I left my troubles in the ring.

Yep, future event rider right there.

Anyway, because I love this little pony I’ve never met so much, I was totally thrilled when his owner sent us a whole set of pictures documenting another “special moment” in the dressage ring.

Mackenzie writes, “Yes, this the crazy, spotted-pony rider Mackenzie here again… I saw the pictures of horses failing at dressage, and thought I’d submit another fail moment from a different competition. The pictures were taken towards the end of a huge bucking and bolting fit, so they aren’t that spectacular, but I still find them interesting to look at, especially the ones of him leaping into thin air! I attached a few different pictures, so enjoy!”





Oh man, Mackenzie, I think you just made my day. Kody sure is an opinionated little guy, isn’t he? And meanwhile you’re sitting there, all tall and poised, like, “My pony is just exploding down the long side… no big deal.” With an attitude like that, you’ll go far in this world.

Mackenzie and Kody, Horse Nation salutes you.

And a big thanks to Equi-Tee Mfg™ for making this series possible!


Do you have an “Oh Crap” moment you’d like to share with hundreds of Horse Nation readers? (We’ll laughing with you, not AT you–promise!) Email your photo or video link to [email protected] and be sure to include a brief description of what happened!

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