Flex’n Fork™ ‘Oh Crap’ Moment of the Day

Reader Carrie Wehle saw our “9 Photos of Horses Failing at Dressage” post and raised us this amazing photo of her own horse, Ashton, performing some impromptu airs above the ground.


Oh crap!

The good news? The horse is freaking athletic. And, he lucked into being owned by a fantastic rider.

Explains Carrie, “I was able to afford him because he was a talented but ‘difficult’ horse. This was our first competition together. A little unrecognized dressage show called ‘Twiilight Dressage.’ Apparently he wasn’t a big fan of dressage. Now he is going 4th level on the weekends that he isn’t eventing at the Prelim level. We earned our USDF Bronze Medal together this year! Not too shabby for an event rider:)”

Fourth-level dressage and prelim eventing? What a horse! Also, can we take a moment to appreciate Carrie’s mad skills? I once heard a four-star rider say that a good measure of whether you’re balanced or not is this: If your horse were to suddenly disappear out from under you, would you land on your feet? Carrie would totally land on her feet. And check out the way she’s staying out of her horse’s mouth, so as not to make an already precarious situation even worse. Between Ashton’s athleticism and Carrie’s tact, it’s no wonder they’ve come so far together–what a great pair!

Carrie and Ashton, Horse Nation salutes you. Great job on your partnership and good luck in the future!

A big thanks to Equi-Tee Mfg™ for making this series possible!


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