Monday Morning Feed from SmartPak

If you could be any supplement, what supplement would you be? That’s the latest question posed on the SmartPak blog.

Leigh Casaceli writes:

“As a SmartPak Customer Care intern, I have the opportunity to run around the whole office and meet with all the different departments that make this awesome company tick. On a daily basis, I will go from the Customer Care floor, to embroidery, to returns, to shipping, then back to chat with IT, and finally return to my desk upstairs with Customer Care. From the buzzing of the conveyor belts in production, to the occasional breakout of ‘Call Me Maybe’ in the office (and the dance party that follows), SmartPak is certainly a company that knows how to get the job done and have a bit of fun doing it.

In SmartPak’s playful spirit, and in the love for all those fabulous supplements that work wonders for our horses and dogs every day, I decided to pose a question to everyone at work and see just which supplement they were really made of. I asked the question: If you could be any supplement, what supplement would you be?

Here are the replies (warning, these may make you chuckle):

  • “I would be SmartEnergy. Who wouldn’t want a little extra pep in their step?” – Veronica, Customer Care


  • “I’d be SmartCalm Ultra so I could make everyone happy and chill.” – Emilie, Pharmacy


  • “If I could be any supplement, I would be SmartFlex Senior because it is so popular and keeps horses healthy and happy into retirement.” – Bekky, Marketing


  • “I think I would be SmartHoof Ultra because if you don’t have good feet, you don’t have anything!” – Jessica, Returns


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What supplement would YOU be, Horse Nation?

Go SmartPak, and Go Riding!


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