News: ‘Horse gets trapped in swimming pool in McGregor’

Noooo! Not another horse in a swimming pool!!! I quit!!!! I can’t take it!!!!!!! Here’s the latest victim, from KCEN-TV in Central Texas. – KCEN HD – Waco, Temple, and Killeen

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Horse owners! You’re killing me! Let’s review one of the cardinal rules of horse ownership: Don’t let your horses fall swimming pools.

Every day, I run a Google news search for the word “horse” to see what’s making headlines. Can you guess the #1 story that it pulls up?

Answer: Rescue stories involving horses that have fallen in swimming pools. (If you guessed Amish buggy accidents, you were close–they’re probably #2.)

Here are some examples…

The list goes on and on.

Let’s make a commitment to stop the madness right here, right now. Let’s end it, for once and for all.

Horse Nation, listen to me, this is important:

Don’t let your horse fall in a swimming pool. Seriously, don’t. Because if I have to write one more news story about some horse that fell in some swimming pool, I’m going to get angry. Right now, what I’m feeling is annoyed. This is annoyed. THIS IS ANGRY. This is annoyed. THIS IS ANGRY. DON’T MAKE ME WRITE IN ALL CAPS, PEOPLE!!!!


Now forward this to everyone you know, and Go Riding.

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