HN Classifieds: ‘Lets Make Your Horse N You Stand Out’

I don’t know what this is or where it’s supposed to go on my horse but it has rhinestones and a pink flaming skull and I WANT IT.

Lets Make Your Horse N You Stand Out



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We make all custom tack to what your horse and you want. Brett N Koda are very picky on there leather and hides. they only want the best. They hand paint and die all our tack. We do it all by hand sewing painting tooling cutting the shapes out. We love what we do we get excited just as much as you. We let you be part of every step with lots of pictures along the way. We start with a drawing then go all the way to a picture all done. So you can ok the peace before we send it. We do allot of helping or auction peaces that’s where some of the money you pays goes. I hope you like what you see if you have any questions or ideas or just wana ask if we can do something for you as we know allot of people and company`s that make tack and also sell. Just ask

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