EN Today: Creative clips for the New Year

Body clipping as art? Or shameless promotional material? (See photo.) Kate Samuels presents this showcase of Eventing Nation’s most inspired clip jobs.

From Kate:

Welcome to clipping season, everybody! If you haven’t already been subjected to the necessary evil of spending a few hours inhaling hair and wearing ridiculous outfits while slowly numbing your whole arm with a buzzing electrical device, your time is coming soon. Faithful readers, you have responded to my plea to show me your wild and wonderful clip jobs from this winter in style! I’ve had quite a few entries, but we can always use more. Would you like to see your horse’s bum on the main page of EN? Tip me at [email protected]! Please include an excellent picture of your artistry, along with a short blurb and your name.

“Here is a picture of my horse Prairie Augustus aka “Gus” with his clip from last year. I google searched his name and found an old Roman coin called the Caesar Augustus coin and attempted to follow the design on the “tails” side. It’s suppose to be a comet but I think it looks more like a sun or a compass, but either way, Gus was stylin’ with his quarter mark!”

—- Bette Sumrell, South Carolina


“Here is a picture of my Oldenburg mare Risqué (Katy) displaying her star power (horse not competing at level indicated!)” 

—– Lark Baum


“I left for the University of Kentucky this summer, but was missing Area V when it came time to compete this fall… here is how I made myself feel better!”

—- Alexa Ehlers

“Here is a picture of our horse Playin’ It Cool (aka Winston) sporting his fun clip.  The TCB with a lightning bolt was Elivs’ logo which means Taking Care of Business in a Flash – which is Winston all the way.”

—- Karen Bowersox

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