We hereby declare it National George Morris Day!

Check out this amazing Training Session rant: nuggets of wisdom drenched in the thinly-veiled anger of of a man who doesn’t understand why people are still riding badly after all these years.

Now that’s what I call entertainment!

While his presentation is a little, uh, wandering, George’s main point comes through crystal-clear: Riding is a very, very dangerous sport and your crappy half-baked riding is just making it worse. “Desperate Housewives weekend warriors with horses” taking an “a la carte sloppy gimmicky approach” to modern riding, is how he puts it. There’s also a tangent about the Cavalry and enough repetition of the word “discipline” for a drinking game. I like how the USEF Network eventually just cuts him off.

George Morris may be the crotchetiest, most cantankerous trainer in all of North America, but you’ve got to hand it to him–he’s earned the right. George, Horse Nation salutes you. And we’re ashamed of ourselves, and we’re all heading out to the barn right now to pay penance with no-stirrup work and obsessive-compulsive boot polishing and maybe a sacrificial bonfire fueled by draw reins and colored saddle pads.

Right after we watch this video.

[USEF Network]

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