EN: Tips for eventers living in itty-bitty apartments in the city– ‘Paper or plastic’ edition

Yvette Seger continues her series on how to successfully disguise yourself as a normal person with today’s topic: grocery shopping.

From Yvette:

Top photo: I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for event season to start so that I can get back on a “normal” diet!!!

Congratulations, Eventing Nation! You’ve survived the first week of 2013! WOOHOO!  For those of you who bothered to make New Year’s resolutions, this means enough time has passed for you to quietly ditch them… I promise I won’t tell….

Those of you who watched my Horse Cookie Baking Video probably gathered that I’m no Betty Crocker. Beyond baking horse cookies, my culinary skills are limited to using a fork to poke holes in the plastic film covering a frozen dinner. On a particularly ambitious day, I might use a can opener to open a can of soup, put it in a sauce pan and heat it on the stovetop (note: such days are extremely rare).

All I can say is… thank goodness for takeout!

Anyway, seeing as I don’t cook, the only time I visit my neighborhood grocery store is when I need to procure treats for the horses, which leads me to this week’s tip:

Tip for Eventers Living in Itty-Bitty Apartments in the City #23:
Get used to the strange looks you’ll receive at the supermarket when the only contents in your cart are:

    • Three  5 lb. bags of carrots
    • Several pounds of multiple apple varieties
    • Two jars of molasses
    • The “Value” bucket of peppermints
    • Box of sugar cubes
    • The latest issue of Us Weekly (hey, it’s boring around here with no events!)

Most people won’t say anything, but if they feel the need to comment/ask about the contents of my cart, I usually like to make up some new “cleansing” program. One time, a woman actually wanted to take notes. City people are so gullible.

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