Retired Racehorse Paints for Charity

After a series of injuries ended Metro Meteor’s career as a racehorse, Ron Krajeweski gave him a second job as a professional painter.

Top photo: The Gettysburg Times

When Ron and Wendy Krajewski adopted retired racehorse Metro Meteor, they planned to give him a second career as a trail horse. But a long racing career in which he won $300,000 had taken a toll on the horse’s knees, leaving him with arthritis, carpititis and floating bone chips.

“So I taught him a career that was easier on his knees: painting,” Ron told HN. “Metro now creates abstract art holding the paint brush in his mouth.” An artist himself, Ron paints the canvas a solid color and then gives Metro the paint brush.

After Metro completed his first painting, Ron was thrilled that the paintings looked good. Metro’s paintings now sell for $400, with 50 percent of proceeds going to New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program to help other off-track Thoroughbreds like Metro find a new home.

Thanks, Ron, for letting us know about Metro. Visit Metro’s website at, where you can view available paintings.


This painting by Metro is called “Dust Storm” and can be purchased for $400 at

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