EN Today: Watch George Morris training sessions

Uncle George is back, he’s crankier than ever, and he’s ready to open a can of whoop-butt on this year’s crop of elite young riders. Jenni Autry tells us how we can tune in.

Top photo: EN/Katie Murphy

From Jenni:

The USEF Network is live streaming the George H. Morris Horsemastership Training Sessions at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center in Wellington, Fla. Some of the best young riders in the country are studying under George’s tutelage this week, learning to be master horsemen without any grooms or assistants around to help them care for their horses. The riders participate in a mounted session with George each morning and listen to lectures from top experts and riders in the afternoon. You can view the full schedule here. The lucky riders selected to participate in the training sessions are:

Group 1

  • Gabrielle Bausano, 18, of Manhattan, N.Y. — 9th in the Washington International Equitation Classic Finals, 7th individually in the NAJYRC Young Rider Championships
  • Olivia Champ, 15, of La Canada, Calif. — Platinum Performance/USEF Show Jumping Talent Search Finals-West reserve champion
  • Meg O’Mara, 17, of Rumson, N.J. — winner of Pessoa/USEF Hunter Seat Equitation Medal Finals, 2nd in Platinum Performance USEF Show Jumping Talent Search Finals-East
  • Jacob Pope, 18, of Columbia, Md. — winner of ASPCA Maclay Finals
  • Dana Scott, 17, of Wilton, Conn. — individual gold and team silver medalist Randolph College/USEF Junior Jumper Championship
  • Catherine Tyree, 19, of Chicago, Ill. — 3rd in the ASPCA Maclay Finals, team gold in Randolph College Prix des States Junior Jumper Championship

Group 2

  • Claudia Billups, 18, of Oxford, Miss. — team bronze in NAJYRC Junior Championships, grand prix experience
  • Stephan Foran, 17, of Lake Forest, Ill. — 2012 EAP Winner
  • Ana Forssell, 21, of Petaluma, Calif. — 2012 EAP Runner Up
  • Frances Land, 18, of Alpharetta, Ga. — 2011 team gold and individual silver at NAJYRC Young Rider Championships, grand prix winner
  • Abigail McArdle, 17, Barrington Hills, Ill. — 2012 NAJRC Individual Junior gold medalist, team gold and individual silver at Randolph College/USEF Prix des States Junior Jumper Championship
  • Kilian McGrath, 17, Westlake Village, Calif. — 2012 NAYRC Young Rider individualgold and team bronze medalist

Watching the live stream means you’re going to catch some of the classic George Morrisisms, as well as the sarcastic comments for which he’s known and loved. It also means you’ll hear a treasure trove of gems of wisdom and knowledge from The Master. Here’s a quick rundown of some of George’s top quotes thus far from the first two days of the training sessions:

“It’s much easier to do things sloppy than to do things correct. This country’s the king of sloppy. Sloppy. I don’t like sloppy.”

“Every aid has intensity and timing attached. A rider should never use the whip without taking their hand off of the rein.”

“Don’t ever forget this is a cavalry sport, people. Equestrian is an army sport. Don’t ever forget that.”

“You’re very beautiful, my dear, I hope you have a brain.”

If you haven’t been tuning in to the George H. Morris Horsemastership Training Sessions, be sure to watch the live stream tomorrow and Sunday. Click here for the broadcast schedule.


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