The Secret Life of McKenna: Fun with Urban Dictionary

Junior blogger McKenna Oxenden continually strives to keep old, outdated, uncool citizens of HN (like yours truly) updated on hip teenage lingo. Here’s her latest tutorial.

From McKenna:

One of my first posts when I joined the Horse Nation team was “Urban Dictionary Adventures: Eventing Style” and it’s come back to make another appearance.

For those of you that don’t know what Urban Dictionary is, it’s basically a public website in which people post definitions for words… and they’re normally hilarious! Here are some horsey words and names I plugged into the dictionary just to see what would come up. Take a look…


Definition: The action of going to events, being socially active
Sentence, please: I will spend my next month eventing.


Definition: A four legged creature that a lot of people think they know about. The horses are intelligent animals that are scared easily without proper training, leading to several people getting bucked off and embarrassed. To control these beasts a lot of people think using harsh equipment is okay when in fact they don’t understand their horse, leading the horse to be unhappy and dangerous. A good trainer to instruct horseback riding is a rare find and a horse owner who doesn’t train their horse properly is quite common. Horses are expensive animals and quite large, do research if you’re considering buying one for yourself.
Sentence, please: I’m going to ride my horse. Or: Horses like to neigh.


Definition: One’s hair, or hairstyle. Your “do”.
Sentence, please: “Yo man, whatchwrong wit yo crop!” or “I went to Cost Cutters and got this wicked crop.”


Definition: Term used in gaming for someone who has no skill in that particular game. Or someone who is over confident in his skill that he dies to other players easily and fairly quick.
Sentence, please: Why do you have to act retarded and pull farriers all night? Can’t you just be decent and help us actually win?


Definition: Simple insult that pertains to any person/persons recognized as an *insert your favorite curse word*
Sentence, please: That little bit stole my girl.


Definition: A word that has dropped out of common usage but is due for a revival. When you are unable to understand a word of what is said due to the speakers outrageous dialect.
Sentence, please: What was she even saying?! She was totally a Wylie!


Definition: The purplish monkey on Dora the Explorer, a kids show on Nick Jr. with questionable content. Why a monkey chooses companionship with a four-year-old Hispanic girl who’s always tripping on shrooms beats me.
Sentence, please: Pfft. Go to the example in Dora the Explorer.


Definition: Coleman is an adverb for the act of disappearing or vanishing.
Sentence, please: Crondi went straight up Coleman after he came back to a dirty room.


Definition: Free for all brawl or quarrel. Also a drinking spree.
Sentence, please: That guy’s likely to start up a brannigan with the mouth on him.

Happy new year Horse Nation!


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