News: HBO sued over alleged horse abuse cover-up during ‘Luck’

That’s the headline from a story published today on The Hollywood Reporter concerning allegations that horses used on the set were mistreated.

Reads the story:

Barbara Casey, who worked as the director of production in the American Humane Association’s film and television unit, has filed a lawsuit against her former employer and HBO. Casey says she worked for AHA for 13 years and is suing the organization for allegedly wrongfully terminating her in January 2012. She’s also suing HBO and Luck producer Stewart Productions for aiding and abetting an alleged abuse cover-up months before the series was put to sleep.

Her complaint, which includes statements that the horses were “drugged to perform” and were “underweight and sick,” can be read here.

Luck was abruptly cancelled in March of this year after three horses died during filming.

Read the full story here.

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