News: ‘Kentucky is still the Horse Capital of the World and I can prove it’

That’s the headline of a column published today on that is seriously adamant about defending Kentucky’s horsey honor.

From whom?, you might be asking.



The column’s author, Sandy Dolan, writes, “The state of Florida has attempted to try and steal the title of being named the ‘Horse Capital of the World’ in recent years but they can not compare to what Kentucky brings to the table when it comes to major equestrian events, world famous venues, and world famous horse farms.”

Dolan makes her case by outlining a list of all of Kentucky’s equestrian assets, from Keeneland to Churchill Downs, Thoroughbreds to American Saddlebreds, the Kentucky Horse Park to the state’s many equine rescue, adoption, and retirement organizations.

The battle over the title of “Horse Capitol of the World” is nothing new. This article published in The Blood Horse in 2002 concerned a legal battle for patent/trademark rights over the designation between Lexington, Ky. and Ocala, Fla.

As far as number of horses go, Texas and California actually lead by far in number of horses by state.

Those states have got other things going for them, though:





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