HN Classifieds: ‘potential rodeo bronc – $1’

This Craigslist poster got taken for a ride, but the buck stops here–quite literally.

potential rodeo bronc – $1 (Leipsic)



[email protected][?]

I bought this approximately 10 yr old mare from a woman over by Akron/Canton/Mansfield area by the name of D’Arcy Edwards. I paid $750 for it, was supposed to be dead broke, kid safe, bomb proof horse, which it was when we went to look at it. We bought it for my 10 year old step son who has very little experience riding. I told the woman we’ve had a problem finding horse my step son can get to lope, but not run off. I told her how importnant that was. She said the horse would be perfect and that if this horse didn’t work for him then he was hopeless. We bought the horse and 2 days later I went out to ride it for the first time since we had it home. It walked and trotted ok, but felt like a ticking time bomb which proved to be true when I asked it to lope. It reared then lunged forward into bucking and snorting!!! That woman should not be able to sell horses any more!! She takes in rescues for free then sells them for hundreds, claiming they are safe, great horses wether they are or not. I’m not about to be like her. I will NOT sell her to someone, lying like she did and drug a horse, especially when a kid is involved. My step son could be dead right now if I didn’t ride her first. I will be willing to take ANY offers. The woman claimed she has taken the mare trail riding, even over night. If you want to risk riding her, I will not be held liable. I suggest she be a rodeo bronc or a pasture buddy. She’s nice and very calm on the ground to lead around. 419-788-8245 for more info.

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