The Secret Life of McKenna: Deuces 2012!

(Editor’s note: Deuces is teenager-speak for “farewell.” I had to look it up myself). On the eve of the New Year, junior blogger McKenna Oxenden has one last look back at the year that was.

From McKenna:

I hope everybody had an awesome Christmas! I know mine was pretty good:) My main Christmas present happened back in August… Gigi!


Unfortunately she couldn’t be wrapped up with a bow under the tree; however, my mom did wrap up a paint pony ornament and a grey pony ornament–close enough, right?!


I remember six Christmas seasons ago I took three pieces of paper, and in black pen wrote these exact words–“Lease Dorito”–over and over and OVER again… front and back… of three pieces of paper, a.k.a. six!

That Christmas morning I recall was filled with enthusiasm and excitement. With every present I ripped open, I wished and hoped it would be what I was so dearly wanting. Much to my dismay with each present arose more and more disappointment. It wasn’t the presents, I did like them all, but I had just been hoping and wishing that maybe, just maybe, a long shot would happen. After all, it was a long shot, I was asking for a horse.

There was one last Christmas present in 2006 and it was mine to open. I ripped open the box, with all my hope flushed away. I had accepted it wasn’t happening. When what to my wondering eyes did I see on the card: “Lease a horse of your choice.”

I screamed. I screamed some more. And then a little bit more and probably shed a tear or two. Hugged my parents and probably questioned if they were just “pulling my leg because this was not funny!” But Horse Nation, it was a real. It was the Christmas present that started our journey. I would have never imagined that a mere two months later, my weekly lease would turn into a six-year partnership. Dorito and I have been together for six years, 10 months and 28 days, but that my friends is a separate story.

And that is my favorite Christmas story:) What’s yours?

Deuces to 2012. You have been one hell of year. Barn fire, working student life, growing up, new horse, marketing a horse, riding old 3* horses, riding tons of horses, new [awesome] trainer, best dressage scores, some 1st places, best placing at an event, a somewhat photography/graphic design business, third concussion, lots of doctors, and maybe most of all some new exciting doors that have been opened. 2013 is sure to bring some more crazy adventures and more fun times. Onward and upward!

McKenna's 2012 summed up in four photos

McKenna’s 2012 summed up in four photos

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