Eventing Nation: Looking back on 2012

As 2012 draws to a close, Visionaire takes a look back at the good, the bad and the ugly of eventing, sports and culture in 2012.

Top photo: Kayla Muller

From Visionaire:

Looking back on 2012… (with thanks to KSR for the inspiration)

NCAA Mens Basketball Champs: Wildcats

Super Bowl/World Series Champs: Giants

Rolex Winner:  William Fox-Pitt

Badminton Winner: The Weather

Rolex Grand Slam Winner: Check back in 2013

Burghley Winner: Sinead Halpin  Andrew Nicholson

Loves Boston Cremes: Rafferty’s Rules

London Marathon Winner: Wilson Kipsang

London Marathon Champion: Claire Lomas

The 47%:  Eventers who try to read the FEI Rulebook

The 99%:  Eventers who do not understand the FEI Rulebook

AAAAND She Made It: Nina Ligon becomes first female Asian and first Thai Olympic *eventer

Great Weekend for US Eventing: Rolex (Four top 5 finishers)

Lousy Weekend for US Eventing: The Olympics  (let’s just forget about that this year)

Olympic Champion: Michael Jung

Overplayed Olympic Champion: Michael Phelps

Enjoy It: Great Britain’s Dressage, Show Jumping, and Eventing Teams

Doper: Lance Armstrong

Dopey: Caring about Captain Mark Phillips’ love life

Wrath of the Titans: Andrew Nicholson vs. William Fox-Pitt

Taken 2: David O’Connor  (sorry, Canada)

The Three Stooges:  Rick Wallace, Jon Holling, and Leslie Law travel to Bromont (and go streaking)

Trouble with the Curve: Matthias Rath

As Seen On TV:  I think I piaffed in my pants

We Hope You Like Snow: Clayton Fredericks

YouTube Video We Don’t Need: more Gangnam Style

YouTube Video We DO Need: more Doug Payne helmet cams

Thank God It’s Over: Election commercials

I Wish It Would Never End: The Olympics

Blogger Contest Winner: Jenni Autry

Blogger Contest Also-Ran: Wal-Mart shoppers

And You Thought We Couldn’t Do It: Allison Springer and Arthur

Best Guest Blog On EN in 2012 (2nd Runner up):  Confessions of a First-Time Rolex Owner

Best Guest Blog On EN in 2012 (1st Runner up):  Lesley Grant Law: A Tale of Injury and Rehab

Best Guest Blog on EN in 2012:  Meg Kep: A Horse Called Tate

Losing Record: The Mayans

Year We’re Looking Forward To: 2013

Fantastic Year That Just Passed: 2012

Happy new year, gang. Thanks for hanging with us all this year. Enjoy your last days of 2012, and we’ll see you in 2013. Go Eventing.

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