The Secret Life of McKenna: Life without horses? No thanks

Do you ever wonder where you’d be without horses? HN’s junior columnist McKenna Oxenden ponders the question.

From McKenna:

OK, I’ve got to start out with “Please go like my brand new photography page on Facebook!” I’m really getting into the whole graphic designing thing and have already designed a few logos, advertisements and taken some picture requests so let me know if you are interested!

Sometimes when I get in a wondering mood I question what would’ve happened if horses had been a hobby, not a passion or a life-long pursuit. Would I be a different person? Who would my friends be? Would I be looking at a scholarship to college for volleyball? All it takes for me to dismiss these questions is to simply hop on the back of an equine and just feel the power beneath me and then I know I made the right choice.

Being sidelined from riding is never fun, especially when the return date isn’t known. I’m seriously going through some riding withdrawal and am upset that my perfect off-season plan has been thrown for a loop, but I’m also lucky that my injury isn’t that bad–I could be much worse off.

All the same, being out sucks. Not being able to ride shows you how much horses are a part of your life and that ultimately, the sacrifice is totally worth it!

I am about three weeks into no riding and I can feel myself slowly going insane. Riding is one of the top feelings in the world. It gives us freedom and the wings we lack and the sense of power that we are cooperating as one with this thousand pound animal.

Let’s face it. What we do is awesome and without it, we wouldn’t be us because we are equestrians and like it or not, we’re different from everybody else.

Go hug your horse and your next ride, think about how much riding is a part of your life and let it channel some awesomeness.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and cheery riding!

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