News: ‘Pineapple grown in horse manure becomes world’s most expensive fruit… at a staggering £10,000’

You know the end is near when you read a headline like this one, published today by

Even after reading the story, I still can’t quite figure out why the pineapple is worth so much. According to the story, it has something to do with “its rarity, production values and the unique location–pineapples are usually grown in much hotter climates.”

The garden this pineapple was grown in, however, was the Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall. It was grown using traditional 19th Victorian gardening techniques that involve creating tropical conditions using small greenhouses heated using a chemical reaction between 30 tons of urine-soaked manure and piles of straw. Back in the day, Victorian families would actually rent the pricey fruit to use as dinner table decoration.

Enjoy your dinner!


Read the full story here.

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