Doomsday Morning Feed from Ovation

It’s the end of the world as we know it–a good day to wear that helmet! While it may not protect you entirely from invading aliens or a wayward meteor, it can’t hurt.

OK, OK… we’re teasing–unless you just FEEL like wearing your helmet to the grocery store or to the mall or wherever else you’re headed today, which would be pretty funny. (And be sure to send us a picture if you do!)

But, if nothing else, definitely wear it on your horse–every ride, every time.

Here’s a convincing argument for why it’s a smart idea, from Ovation’s Facebook page.


Your head is important. In our humble opinion, we think you have a great head–really top-notch. Do your part to protect it by wearing an ASTM-SEI approved safety helmet.

From show helmets…

Ovation Competitor Helmet

To schooling helmets…

Ovation Cubix Schooler

To everything in between…

Ovation Z-15

…Ovation has the perfect helmet for you! See their full line of helmets, along with boots, saddlery, apparel and equipment, at

Go Ovation, and Go Riding!


 For more information about helmet safety, visit, of which Ovation is a sponsor!

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