Reminder: Nominate HN for the 2013 Equestrian Social Media Awards!

The category we’d really, really love to win: Best Newcomer. Here’s our stump speech and info on submitting a nomination! (Deadline: Dec.21)

Why Horse Nation should totally dominate the category of “Best Newcomer”:

Since Horse Nation launched on February 1, 2012, we’ve had…

  • 235,951 unique visitors from 183 countries
  • 566,666 visits to the website
  • 1,212,435 page views

We’ve also gotten over 6,000 Facebook “likes” and we enjoy a lively, engaging social media presence

And, most importantly, we have the best writers, readers and sponsors in the world!

Even Jimmy Wofford loves us!!!

Nominate Horse Nation for “Best Newcomer” here (it’s category #16 on the list) by the deadline of December 21.

Other categories we’d love to receive nominations in:

#2: Best Use of Facebook

#17: Best Blog

#18: Best Equestrian Social Network

#27: Best Use of Social Media in North America

Thanks in advance for your nominations and GO RIDING!


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